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Coorg is an ideal place for the trekkers to full fill their desire. They can travel around and can enjoy the natural beauty in the monsoon season. Coorg also known as Kodagu, was originally known as Kodaimalenadu is the southern district of Karnataka, bordering Kerala towards the west. This place is a treat for a true blue adventurer. This camp is on a bank of a river. While mounting, you have the full view of the hill ranges on the other side. Kayaking and swimming in the river, to rappelling down rock face, to trekking to the hills around, to indulging in night safari, this place will offer you to experience thrills. The nights will be enjoyable with a huge camp fire. Kayaking on moonlight is a novelty.

White Water Rafting in coorg

If you thought misty mountains and the best coffee flavors are all that Coorg is famous for, think again! Get away from the mundane rigmarole that life often tends to be with the exhilarating experience of white water rafting in Coorg.

Coorg has slowly but surely evolved from merely being a haven for those on the look out for a summer respite, into one of the most sought after river rafting destinations in South India during the monsoons. Approximately 250 kilo meters away from Bangalore, it is easy to make an unplanned Coorg rafting adventure trip to this rugged hilly district!

Trekking in coorg

An ultimate destination for the sportiest is the Coorg Hills, which offer hiking, cross-country and motoring down mountain trails. The Kodagu region is full of trekking trails. The best season to trek is from October to the beginning of February. The other well-trodden trekking trails in Kodagu are in the Brahmagiri ranges of South Kodagu, where a forest trail leads from Iruppu Falls to the Brahmagiri peak. Another interesting trail leads to Pushpagiri (1712m), which is Kodagu's second highest peak. It can be climbed via the village of Heggademane to the north of Madikeri.

Moto Rally in coorg

The MAI-FMSCI feud has been settled with FMSCI being back in command. The Coorg Rally was the first run under the FMSCI auspices since MAI's reign. FMSCI was in disarray and without the beams manual timings were resorted to. With tight, narrow stages the Coorg Rally is among the toughest in India. "Out here we can't get our car sideways. The track is probably little wider than the Esteems but it is also one of the most enjoyable rallies," said Mazdayar Vatcha.During the recce the conditions were worse with rain drenched stages. This put the pace notes out of kilter so navigators had to improvise during the rally. Coorg's coffee estates are car wreckers and on the first day, front runners Amittrajit Ghosh and Sanket Shanbhag dropped out with broken driveshafts.

Fishery in coorg

Cirumventing the mahseer requires great skill, planning and practice. To understand how to catch him, one has to study his anatomy and feeding habits. He has a peculiar way of killing his fish. He has no teeth in his mouth to hold any slippery little fish he may catch. In lieu of this he is therefore provided with great power of jaw, and he kills, and holds his fish, by compression, violent compression. Many an angler's large hooks, lures and spoons have been crushed beyond recognition after encounters with the Mahseer.

Often weighed against the lordly salmon for their sporting competency, the Mahseer have overjoyed generations of anglers and time after time lived up to being called the "Mighty Mahseer."

It is a remarkably omnivorous fish. The Mahseer is noted to be a continuous feeder. Green filamentous algae and other water plants taken in with intent or while seizing aquatic insects on them, Figs, other things thrown by humans, other insects, fish, etc have been recorded from the stomach of Mahseer.

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